“Fit Body, Fit Mind”

“Fit Body, Fit Mind” With this mantra in their hearts, the Aboriginal Gathering Place Mentor Program continues its success in empowering young participants to practice healthy habits and reconnect with the community. Both community and participants have reportedly seen many positive outcomes from the participants of the program.

Their program includes one-on-one mentoring sessions that help them fulfill their study or career goals, they also have fitness sessions 3 days a week early in the morning followed by breakfast.


Feedback of participants
Program participant Hezekiah completed his year 12 studies last year and is now looking for work as he continues to participate in the program.

“I love the program. It makes me get out of bed and get moving. Otherwise, I would stay in bed all day and do nothing. After we train and have breakfast, I’m motivated to look for what type of work I want to do,” said Hezekiah.

One female participant had previously not engaged with her local community for some time and made unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Since joining the program, she has consistently participated in both the one-on-one mentoring and fitness sessions and reported a shift in her mindset.

She has continued to make positive choices and practices healthy lifestyle habits in her daily life, which had now provided her with new career opportunities.

Feedback of Community
The success of the program brought a positive response from the community and local businesses, with Worldwide Mix Martial Arts sponsoring the program with a range of brand-new training equipment to support the fitness sessions.

Participants are also talking about the fitness sessions at home, which will help encourage healthy habits for families and the wider community.

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