Responsible celebration

Responsible celebration

The festive season is really fast approaching, along with all that extra wrapping, packaging and disposable tableware, everyone in Casey is encourage to recycle right.

Recycling in the City of Casey is back on track with a new contract signed with Cleanaway to accept and process recycling collected through our kerbside service. It’s important that everyone recycle right to avoid contamination because the result of the recent audit shows that 24 percent of contamination had been found out – that’s non-recyclable material being put into the blue recycling bin.

Putting incorrect items into the bin leads to increased processing costs and depending on the extent of the contamination, it could mean other recyclables are unable to get processed and the entire batch gets sent to landfill.

Top recycling tips:

  • Aluminum foil and trays can be recycled just scrunch them up a little.
  • Paper (not cellophane or foil) wrapping can be recycled, just remove all sticky tape.
  • Separate soft plastics and return to the Red Recycling Bins at Coles and Woolworths. Check out the Red Cycle website for more details.
  • Batteries cannot go in any kerbside bin – return to Aldi or Officeworks for recycling.
  • Do not put clothing or textiles in the recycle bin – these can get caught in the sorting machinery.
  • keep your recycling loose in the bin (don’t bag it)
  • Do not put food in the recycle bin
  • Do not put nappies in the recycle bin.
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