Casey New Network

Casey New Network

The City of Casey is really doing its best to ready their community for success in the coming age of technological advancement that people refer to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. One clear example of this is the latest LORA Network in the City with huge potential applications. From assessing air quality to animal tracking to automated communication between buildings and trucks, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

The best of local technologists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the City officials gathered at the Casey Tech School in Berwick to launch the network in late August.

This move was rolled out as part of the Casey’s Smart Cities program. It is designed to enable smart devices to send and receive data without cost to the community, enabling innovations to create jobs and improve liveability in the area.

The network is available to the entire community to access apps, for example, remotely turning on and off items such as lights or sprinklers.

Data analysis generated will also serve as the basis in making wise decisions regarding the best ways to benefit the community. This will also give opportunities for local businesses, start-up technologists and other organisations to innovate new solutions to serve Casey residents.

Springfield Ward Councillor Sam Aziz said that as we aspire to create Australia’s most liveable city, we are committed to building a smart economy and facilitating the creation of new jobs for the growing municipality.

“I am excited by the contribution the LORA network, it will enable us to build our future vision for a smarter economy and connected communities,” he said.

“Through this technology, we are enabling device connectivity and innovation across various disciplines including business, the environment, and health.

“It is our intent to ensure that the Casey region is recognised as the ‘home of innovation’ and is an attractor for larger businesses.”

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